About Us

Our company, which carries out all kinds of transportation in the seas as its main field of activity, was established in April 2016 with the aim of transporting live fish in international waters in the Mediterranean basin.

Our company owner, Sezer IŞIN, is a graduate of ITU Maritime Faculty, Maritime Transportation and Management Engineering (1995-2000); He has undertaken the construction of all special works above and below the sea in the waters of our country and in the international waters many times and has successfully concluded.

For the last ten years, with his interest in aquaculture, he has developed cavitator systems for cleaning the floating net cage systems within the sea. Within the group, with these systems, we also carry out the installation, maintenance and cleaning services of cage systems and nets, which are very important for the aquaculture sector.

With the live fish transport ship and systems we established in 2016-2017, we have carried out the first 236 m3 water capacity transport ship project in our country, as well as live juvenile fish transport, live broodfish transport, live broodfish oversea operations. At the same time, thanks to our contribution to the transportation of portion harvested fish, we have provided a fast and practical way of harvesting fish, thus extending the shelf life of the harvested fish by 2-3 days.

In 2018, we installed a specially designed 236 m3 live fish carrier ship that we designed with the aim of providing live fish transport to our country and the countries of the Mediterranean region. Live Fish Carrier vessels, which have high know-how systems, have a water capacity of 400 m3 in 2019, 360 m3 and 960 m3 in 2021; it also acquired its first ship, which was built with the highest capacity and the highest technological systems in the countries of the Mediterranean region, in 2021.

Although we are a newly established company in the field of live fish transportation, we have accomplished very important works in sea transportation; with our high motivation and determination to work hard, we continue to work impatiently for the realization of many projects we have planned for our country and the international arena.